Caoxie Hill Ruins

        The site for the 1956 Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Commission in the cultural relics found in 1995 was listed as cultural relics protection units in Jiangsu Province, is now a national key cultural relics protection units. The accumulation of thick sites, the connotation of more, cultural accumulation layer thickness of 11 meters, can be divided into 10 layers, from Majiabang culture, Songze culture, Liangzhu culture to the Spring and Autumn Wu Yue culture, the whole sequence almost across the Taihu Lake region and even the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Neolithic Age , To the pre-Qin history of all chronology, by the Chinese archaeological sector known as the "Jiangnan prehistoric cultural scale." As the ancient culture of the Taihu Lake Basin Neolithic sites, found in China's earliest irrigation system of the ancient rice fields - 6000 years ago Majiabang culture paddy fields, the first structural housing (which has a horse by the Mustang And for the first time from the strata to prove that Cong, Bi, string ornaments and other jade products is the relics of Liangzhu culture, jade research for our country to create a new situation.