H.Brothers Film World

88th, Yangchenghu Avenue, SIP

        From 1994 to shoot "endless" start, H.Brothers Media Group will open the door to the film world. 22 years, with 15 billion film total box office success, H.Brothers has become China's film and television industry, entertainment benchmark and spiritual fortress. Today, H.Brothers has formed a film and television entertainment, real entertainment and Internet entertainment parallel "Troika" entertainment format, to create the industry's most comprehensive eco-industrial chain, the most leading industry business model.

      H.Brothers as a flagship project of real entertainment, H.Brothers film world is located in the beautiful scenery of the state-level Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula tourist resort. In this piece of 697 acres of space, H.Brothers film world design team wanton imagination, effort to create a "Avenue of Stars", "You Are the One", "assembly", "Tai Chi", "Babel" five movie theme area The Combined with seven H.Brothers original film, inviting Feng Xiaogang imperial art director Shi Haiying, as well as from top designers around the world, breaking the traditional design techniques, to reproduce the film real beauty. H.Brothers film world original "all-round immersive experience", into the interactive, entertainment, fun, culture and technology, to create the world's first VA-Ride "assembly number", China's first film real show, Asia Top cyclone double suspension roller coaster and other high-tech amusement facilities. So that visitors experience the thrill of zero distance to stimulate the scene, five sense of immersion touch the soul of the fragment, a taste of the film moved.

       The future, H.Brothers film world will become a sincerity, feelings, style, attitude of the masterpiece. For every year 3 million guests from all directions, to create a culture, entertainment, technology, fashion, stars, restaurants, shopping one-stop "into the movie" fun experience, so that all the tent at your fingertips.