Chongyuan Temple

苏州工业园区阳澄湖半岛阳澄环路 333 号

        Shuidian Buddha State, the Millennium temple, was built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties Liangwu Emperor day guard for two years, and Hanshan Temple, Lingyan Temple, Paul Temple Temple contemporaries, with Buddhism, law, monk three treasures with Buddhist temple characteristics, dating 1500 years of history.

        Chongyuan Temple, the first name of the mysterious temple, was built in the Southern Dynasty Liang Wudi day monitoring two years (AD 503), dating back more than 1500 years of history, and Hanshan Temple, Lingyan Temple, Paul Temple. Liang Wudi Chongfo, officials at all levels of the next effect, when the officials in Suzhou Lu Seng Zan see their official house over the clouds overlap, they played Leung Wudi, give up their own homes, political construction of the temple, Liang Wu Di pleased to give plaque expressed praise, Royal Plaque entitled "Girder Guangde heavy mystery Temple". After more than a thousand years, Chongyuan Temple several names, the scale has been expanding, called Jiangnan Buddhist town. Many writers and scholars have come to visit the heavy Yuan Temple Buddha, leaving poems, ancient poet Bai Juyi, Wei Yingwu, Pi Rixiu, Lu Guimeng, Fan Chengda and so on are chanting. Song of the law of the law of the eye by the rooftop of the Tiantai Daozao Zen Master, in the tin heavy Yuan Temple Yongan hospital, compiled with the "Buddha with the Senate" twenty volumes, in the first year of the reincarnation of the reign of Emperor Jingde, Recorded ", Feng Chi into the Tripitaka. "Jingde Chuanjiangjing" is an important book in the history of Zen, recorded from the seven Buddha to the law of the descendants of people such as 1701 biographies or quotations, is the history of the door, the origin of Zen. To the Qing Dynasty Kangxi years, in order to avoid taboo Kangxi Emperor Xuan Ye's taboo, the temple name "mysterious" to "yuan", heavy yuan temple name has been in use ever since.

National 4A level tourist attractions, embracing the Buddhist scene "National ten most":

(1) the highest water Guanying Pavilion - 46 meters,

(2) the highest indoor audiovisual - 33 meters,

(3) the most important indoor audiovisual - 88 tons of bronze,

(4) the largest copper cavity leather drum - diameter 2.19 meters,

(5) the highest, the largest main hall - 38 meters high, 2100 square meters,

(6) the largest and most vivid round of the island Guanyin sculpture group,

(7) the largest main Buddha,

(8) the largest bell tower,

(9) the longest temple within the bridge Puji Bridge - 99 meters long,

(10) the largest release pool - Yangcheng Lake.

【Tickets】: 20 yuan

[Soup Kitchenware]: to provide plain, prime and refined vegetarian

【Yuan Yuan Buddhist temple】: 48 four-star standard rooms

[Heavy yuan Zen tea]: to provide cafe, tea and all kinds of tea, is the temple rest, meditation, the ideal place to communicate

【Meditation Center】: The meditation center is located in the courtyard of the Yuanyuan Temple. It relies on the profound Buddhist attraction of the Yuanyuan Temple and the rich teachers of the Hanshan Academy. It provides lectures, meditation, meditation, solemnity, quietness and elegance The To a variety of Buddhist activities, gradually open your free and lively nature, enjoy life, sublimation life.

[Meditation project]: Zen, Zen, Zen tea, vegetarian, reading, copying, release law will

[Meditation activities]: "cloud water Jingxin" meditation health resort trip