1st, The Direction Of Development

Suzhou Yangchenghu Peninsula Tourist Resort as a national tourist resort in Jiangsu Province, based on the "high-end and green ecological" development orientation, to build a "modern, international, garden of the new waterfront leisure health resort Resort "for the overall development goals, planning a" health pension, boutique theme resort hotel, theme entertainment, business characteristics, characteristics of culture, ecological living, ecological agriculture "and other characteristics of tourism functions.

Has introduced a number of characteristics of tourism projects, such as China Life Pension Community, Taikang home care community, Victoria World Medical Clinic and other health services projects; Banyan Tree Boutique Hotel, Pu series boutique hotel, Wanbang lotus embankment boutique hotel, Purple Yichuan Hot Spring Resort and other theme boutique resort project; Huayi Brothers Film World, Jiade Culture and Arts Center and Ziyuan Temple, grass mountain ruins, Catholic Church and other cultural projects; Yi Ou to Suzhou boutique shopping village and other characteristics of commercial projects.

In order to enrich and perfect the characteristics of the resort tourism, we very much hope to introduce the following areas of more quality projects:

(A) health, diagnosis and treatment

(B) arts and culture (including performing arts projects)

(C) sports

(D) featured theme hotel

(5) for children, family theme project

2nd, The Carrier Investment

1, Xinghua Street Visitor Center Dining Investment:

Address: Located on the second floor of the main entrance of the resort, Xinghua Street (Suzhou Central East).

Visitor Center can provide visitors in the resort and Suzhou City, travel advice, travel line customization, ticketing and tour guide to explain services. Visitor Center has facilities such as bus terminal, bicycle and battery car rental, tourist souvenir shop, free WiFi, Taihu kiln ceramic art center, self-service bank, postal service, convenience store and other facilities, with parking: bus / bus 58 (ground) Private car 150 (underground).

Area: about 720 square meters

Merchants direction: characteristics of farm music, Chinese food meal, characteristics of Western food, cafes, tea rooms and so on.

2, heavy yuan Temple shops:

Address: located in Yangchenghu Road and the intersection of traffic lights to the west (Chung Yuen Temple East Gate)

Area: 6 2-storey Chinese style camp, with a total construction area of about 12,000 square meters.

Merchants direction: arts and culture projects, such as workshops, studios, galleries, art training. Hope to have a cultural resources, operational capacity of enterprises.

3rd, The Activities Of Investment

To create a festive holiday atmosphere, driving resort popularity, Peninsula resort to Peninsula riding experience, Peninsula orientation, peninsula music, peninsula model as the theme, to create the peninsula characteristics of brand activities, has successfully hosted the Yangchenghu Peninsula roundabout cycling race, Peninsula Journey "Bicycle Carnival, Yangchenghu Peninsula Cup · Suzhou City, the characteristics of sports targeted school majors, hundreds of new wedding tree," found Peninsula "photography contest and theme photography exhibition," love the peninsula N beautiful moments "microblogging Photography contest, "Spring and out of the Peninsula trip" and other series of activities, take the lead in promoting the "private custom" "implantable" film shooting, with the first Buddhist Temple held in Chongqing, will also hold Confucianism meditation, model aircraft and other activities The

We invite all sectors of the community to come to the peninsula resort such as carnival, riding, orientation, model aircraft, company development, new conference, photography, food experience, cultural experience and other activities.

Cooperation: According to the specific content of the project negotiations, the Peninsula Resort will be in the venue, marketing and other aspects of support.


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