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Tourists Service Center

        Xinghua Street Visitor Center, the first phase of the construction area of 17,700 square meters, including the ground 2 layer, 1 basement, a total investment of about 100 million yuan. Including tourism services, tourism management, tourist distribution, planning and display, business services and other functions.


Travel services: Tourist advice, Complaints, booking, Business center, Goods rental, Lost, Lost children, Items storage, Mobile phone charging, Drinking water, Touch screen, Promotional materials, Film and television hall, Travel agency services, Infirmary, Special crowd service room, Breastfeeding room

Tourism management: Fire control, Police room, Urban management, Municipal property, Wisdom peninsula platform, 4008 call system

Visitor distribution: Bus hub, Bus and car parking, Taxi station, Bicycle rental, Waiting area

Planning display: Exhibition hall

Business services: Postal, Self-service bank, ATM machine, Souvenir center, Restaurant, Convenience store

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