Taikang House • Wuyuan

        Taikang House Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd., which specializes in medical pension and real estate investment and operation and management.


        Taikang House relies on the group of funds, customers, system and mechanism advantages, the construction of "vitality pension, high-end medical care, excellent financial management, the ultimate concern" four in one "big happiness" Taikang Life "professional, standardized and international" business philosophy Project ", in the medical, pension and high-end commercial real estate in the field of the formation of the leading domestic investment and asset management capabilities. At present, Taikang House has developed into a vertical integration of the medical and pension industry as the core, high-end commercial real estate characteristics of the vertical integration of companies and have a strong investment, planning and design, nursing services, hospital management, investment leasing, property management capacity of the whole industry Chain professional company

        Taiyuan Home • Wuyuan is located in the core area of Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula in Jiangsu Province, covering an area of about 310,000 square meters. It can build 180,000 square meters large-scale high-end pension community. On the basis of continuing care for the old-age care community (CCRC), Health care with a holiday function, is a high-end health pension, art culture, ecological living and other functions as one of the complex.


        Wuyuan surrounding high-end supporting rich resources, near the history of 1500 years has been heavy Yuan Temple. Conveniently located within 15 minutes from the Jinji Lake CBD area, the residents are provided with a unique area of "geographically close to the city, physically away from the city".


        The project is built according to Suzhou garden style, divided into continuing care for the old - age community and resort community, community building about 10,000 square meters of high - end pension club, about 30,000 square meters boutique resort hotel, nearly 10,000 square meters of the Guardian art center. Among them, the theme of the hotel as "art experience", Guardian Art Center will be the theme of culture and art into the concept of pension, to enhance the cultural connotation of the project. According to the international pension community standards, combined with the advantages of the project land, Taikang will be in Suzhou to build China's pension service industry set old, vacation as one of the classic.